• Image of Busted: Move On Notice

An Insight Into the Depths of the C.O.P. Skate Scene.

A Video by Ethan de Lacy.

Running Time: 24mins

Phillip Marshall, Barry Mansfield, Chris Luu, Shannon Hood, Harry Clark, Daniel Morris, Cameron "Flage" Owens, Tom Bentley, Eugene Stewart, Chris Gow, Quentin Guthrie, Tyson "Olaf" May, Phil James "Bag", Shaun Paul, Justin Lloyd, Mitch Cunningham, Joe Bothams, Ben John, Mitch Harris, Lewis Rodan, Jack Snow, Ben Peasley, Brayden Rodda, Matteo Pinto, Justin Yu, Willy Myat, Jamie Brougham, Cheye Clift, Issa Hassan, Braith McGuire, Jack Hewitt, Ezra George, Nic Franz, Rowan White, Paul Bruno, Ramsay Milne, James Whineray.

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